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 in the law of nations, every nation has a RESPONSIBILITY to preservE ITSELF.


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 it is OUR duty and responsibility to step-up and take the reigns to re-build our nation!


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United States Of America Republic, Vicegerent Moorish Marshal Department is looking for Moabitesses and Moabites with a background in the areas of: Law Enforcement, Correction, Military or Private Security to fill the positions of Commissioner Vicegerent Moorish Marshal and Deputy Commissioner Vicegerent Moorish Marshal within each of the 9 remaining provinces of the United States of America Republic. 

  • Experience in the areas of: Law Enforcement and Corrections – a minimum of Three years on the job experience with a certification from a Law Enforcement Training and Standard Board.

  • Military (Active Duty or Reserve) – with a specialty in the areas of Physical Training, Firearm Instructor, Military Police.

  • Private Security – Three years of work history with carrying a weapon or a Degree in Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement

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