NEW MECCA, PROVINCE OF ILLINOIS – On 14 April 2015, “The Moorish American People” proudly convened their first Continental Congress Assembly. During this Session: “The Moorish American People” unanimously resolved to prudently elect their President and re-established their State government to legislate internal just laws. United States of America Republic is the De Jure State government of- and by- “The Moorish American People”, whom are the descendants of Moroccans and born in America.

In this new era of time, “The Moorish American People” recognize that the United States of America Republic has an immense responsibility and duty as a Nation State to reconnect to the international community; to return to “Free National Principles and Standards”, and endeavor to free the North American continent from colonization.

To enforce its power and authority constructively to teach true Americans how to be better Citizens, ensuring their political rights; and securing the liberties of all who desire to pledge allegiance to United States of America Republic.  Also, to free the aboriginal inhabitants of the North American continent from the current condition of colonization and the corresponding terms (negro, black, African-American, etc.) that delude to slavery.  

The jurisdiction of United States of America Republic consists of North-, Central-, South-America and the Adjoining Islands. In law, “The Moorish American People” are entitled to reclaim aforesaid lands by virtue of direct genealogy. The United States of America Republic’s pronouncement on the behalf of “The Moorish American People” detailing these facts are published online for viewing, and issued to recipient organizations when concerned matters arise. 

The Constitution of the United States of America Republic has granted President Christopher-Cannon: Bey the authority to commission their Department of State and appoint to it Secretary of State Travis-Austin: Bey. The national, regional and international mission of United States of America Republic is to return to the diplomatic affairs of the world, fostering the principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice for all people everywhere. 

The capitol of United States of America Republic is located in the Province of Illinois 41° 88' N, 87° 63' W. The national standard of United States of America Republic is a red flag with a five pointed green star in the center, and is over ten thousand years old. 

Presently, United States of America Republic is accepting applications of those who wish to proclaim their Moorish American Nationality and return to the constitutional fold of government.